Friday, 25 June 2010

Are you being served?

I have a customer who needs; 1 X Adobe Creative Suite. 10 X Office 2010 Business Edition. 1 X Corel Draw.

As usual we put a request in to our suppliers for some prices. Ever the efficient account manager at one of our suppliers they came back with; Adobe Creative Suite, OK no problem there? Office 2010 Student edition, What? And finally Coral Draw for Mac! Now your taking the piss?

Now this is not a 'one off' this sort of thing happens on a regular basis, now is this poor product training or just that the individual does not care so slaps any old thing on the the quote? This sort of thing causes a problem thats out of proportion to the requirement, what I mean is it causes a delay so getting back to my customer takes longer, we now have to make a repeat request this time pointing out their errors which on a 'bottom line' basis means we are already down on the deal having had to use more resources.

Get it right first time and we are all happy.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Inky Splinky

Customer: "Hi its Mandy here from XXXXX we have a problem with a printer we purchased from you"
Me: "When did you purchase it, I'm sure it was not recently?"
Customer: "I think it was six months ago maybe longer"
Me: "Oh OK it was they way you said purchased from you as if it was the other day"
Customer: "No no, there must be something wrong with it the printing is very faint"
Me: "Er needs a new cartridge"
Customer: "Really? Its only six months old you sure its not broken?"
Me: "I'm certain"

See if you hadn't of quizzed me about when that printer was purchased I could have scammed a new one out of you.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Camp it up

So I sent out a mail flier advertising some TV's, we don't normally deal in that kind of thing but times are tough at the minute. I had an email this morning;

Customer: "I am interested in two of the TV's on offer the TV needs to fit into a recess in my caravan so I am trying to work out which one will fit"

I have no Idea, I don't know your caravan!