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Who's your friend?

I've been a member of many Forums, mailing lists and groups and I have to say that I've never had a major spat or flame war with anyone outside the UK. Just recently I joined the forum and although its only been a couple of weeks already I've hooked up with a couple of members who have been welcoming and friendly unlike some UK groups where I always seem to get the one individual ready to swoop down from their perch like some demented bird of prey screaming "You're wrong, thats not right" and so on.

I often wonder why? Is it that they are frightened of someone new muscling in on their territory? Do they get a kick out of humiliating you in a quasi public forum? Or is it a UK thing?

Everyone is wrong once in a while but its the way you correct that error thats important you don't have to be 'Billy Big Boll@&#s' about it. My favorite bone of contention is where people don't read your mail properly, they see a word or paragraph tha…

Planet Blogs

I've decided to critique certain blogs, to be more precise I'm going to highlight the blogs that are listed on Planet websites where the content, In My Opinion, is banal, unconnected to the sites purpose and or just pointless.

I'll own up and admit this was brought on by sour grapes on my part due to a certain Planet site guy refusing my inclusion because quote; "I'm having difficulty in determining how you contribute to the community". Plus I'm no great fan of blogs or websites that just have puerile drivel on them because the owners feel they must put something up regardless of its worth.

(Theres no point in suing me I'm skint)