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I must be missing something?

Colleague: "Look, how long do you think it will take to sort out those PC's? We could be at it all day!"
Me: "But once it's sorted they won't have anything to moan about?"
Colleague: "Yeah until one of em goes wrong."
Me: "But that should be easy and one failure is better than fifty odd in my book."

I'll give you piggin discount.

Customer: "Can you quote me for two HP DC7700 and the other bits we discussed?"
Me: "Sure no problem, the 7700's are £145.00 each by the way."
Customer: "Ooh that price is really good, I might take nine instead. How much for nine, is there a discount?"

Hang on a sec, because it's such a good price you want seven extra but you want them even cheaper still? tell you what, just buy the two at the fair price I'm selling them at.