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Would you like to borrow my glasses?

Customer: "Hi I've had an email bounce back to me it says the email is too large? It say my email is 26MB and that the limit is 25MB"
Me: "That's correct it's always been 25MB"
Customer: "No it's not! I have sent much larger files in the past I sent a 300MB one last week!"
Me: "I'm afraid you didn't as I say it's 25MB"
Customer: "It's this new server you installed, I cant work like this you will have to sort this out or we will have to look at an alternative course of action."
Me: "I have no idea what can be done the limit is 25MB"
Customer: "Look just look into it and call me back!"About 20 minutes later.

Customer: "Erm I've looked at some of the mails I sent last week and it would seem I was confusing MB with KB the 300 one was 300KB"
Me: [Breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out]
I'm still waiting for the apology.