Wednesday, 2 September 2015

This should work?

This was an email from an IT Manager to us earlier today.

Customer: "Do you have any idea how Sage Line 100 is installed on a new PC to access a central server installation? I have tried putting the shortcut from another computer with the full path to this machine, but it gives me missing DLL errors. It then says try reinstalling the program."

Because shortcuts are programs aren't they?

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Here's one that epitomises the title of this blog.

Customer: "Can you quote me for some refurbished monitors please?"

I sent them a 'options' quote

Refurb 17" TFT £20.00
Refurb 19" TFT £25.00
Refurb 22" TFT £30.00

They sent an email back
Customer: "Can you quote me for four please?"

I replied "Which ones?"

They emailed back
Customer: "Whichever ones are available."


Friday, 31 July 2015

You can't hide.

Part of the training I give relates to calling people for data cleansing purposes. You get to speak to some very strange people at businesses with even stranger ideas about discussing their company! Today there was a prime example of the silliness of people and how I train my colleagues to overcome their blocking tactics.

Having gone through most of the address details.

Telesales: "And could I just take an email address for Malcolm?"
Prospect: "We don't give out email addresses."
Telesales: "OK, could I have your companies generic address then?"
Prospect: "As I said we do not give out email addresses!"
Telesales: "Oh OK, it's not a problem, I'll get the address from your website."
Prospect: "What? Wait? What? Oh OK it's.........."

Nothing is secret anymore.