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Is that everything?

Customer: "I'm trying to archive off my emails, when I click file and archive it says it's doing it but when I go to the archive folder they're not all there?"
Me: "When you say not all there what do you mean?"
Customer: "There's still loads in the folder I want archiving."
Me: "What date have you set?"
Customer: "What do you mean date?"
Me: "You have to tell it a date to archive from, so lets say you want to archive all mails prior to 2011."
Customer: "Ah, ooh, err, Oh, it's erm? It's done it now."
Me: "Please take yourself off and smack yourself up the back of the head."

I actually said that by the way, well it is Christmas after all. xxx

What time is it?

Supplier: "Can I speak to Samantha please?"
Me: "She works 11am till 3pm"
Supplier: "I know."
Me: "Sorry? But it's It's 3:15pm now! She's finished for the day."
Supplier: "I was hoping she was working over."

I want my mummy. :'(

Discount! Discount!

Customer: "I'm after a laptop for my daughter for Christmas."
Me: "Anything in particular?"
Customer: "I saw an Acer in PC World for £250 odd, but I thought you could give me a discount."

And that's why the economy is down the crappa folks, we're already thinking of how we can shaft the people we are buying from before they've even had a a chance to tell you what the price is!