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Just browsing

Customer: "Hi I'm looking at the Dell GX260 for £155 on the list you emailed me"
Me: "OK how many are you looking for?"
Customer: "Just the one I want to use it for graphics design but I must have it tomorrow"
Me: "I'll need to phone the supplier to see if its available and if he can ship direct so you get it tomorrow"
Customer: "OK"A short while laterMe: "Hi I'm afraid the GX260's have gone I can do an HP 7700 same spec same price or he has a lovely HP Quad core with 12 months on-site warranty for £385"
Customer: "That sounds nice"
Me: "You'll need to order before 3pm if you want it next day"
Customer: "Oh I'll order before then I need to make an order a.s.a.p. let me go and have a look" I'm still waiting.

Harvester festival

Seeing as I had an extra 50p this week I decided to treat the family to a slap up Sunday roast at a local eatery. We usually frequent 'The Broadway' however this is currently undergoing a feverish refurbishment in the hope they can reopen for the Christmas rush. This left us with little choice the wife suggested 'The Nickelodeon' which while being under the same banner as the Broadway is a pretty poor 52nd in my opinion and that opinion was about to be confirmed.The Nickelodeon looks really nice from the outside and is located on the canal which is very pleasant in the summer the inside is open plan Ive never been a fan of large open plan pubs when it comes to eating it sort of reminds me of dinner halls or factory canteens, anyway the family sat down and I went to the bar with my table number ready to place my order. A nice enough girl with either a broken or at least badly sprained arm attempted to serve us.Me: "Can I have four coffees please"
Bar girl: &quo…


Customer: "Hi I'm after a bit of technical support we've bought some training software and I need to get it on the laptop and get the laptop on the Internet"
Me: "OK you can drop it down here and we will configure it for £35 an hour or I can send someone out but that will be £65 an hour"
Customer: "I thought we had an account with you?"
Me: "No you've had nothing with us for about a year now"
Customer: "Oh OK let me think about it"
Yeah you carry on thinking about it