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Installing Virtual Box on a server I have control of, gonna set up Nagios and make a real effort to understand it. Big Ron Heeeeelp
Today I join the ranks of those who say "I hate Windows" my machine at work needs to meet Mr Baseball bat
Not sure if the Debian install on the N810 was worth the effort still its early days I only installed it last night.
Today I need to track down someone who can touch up an image for my secret project, I draw like a 2 year old :-(
Re-connected an empty 80GB HDD on my openSUSE box and it refused to boot! Sorted now.
For some reason I have 'Storage' on the brain, SATA, IDE, NAS, Ext HDD, Store Vault and Drobo. I have ample storage, what can it mean?
Was hoping FreeNas would work with my SC101 but its not a NAS device is it! NetGear I hate you
Off to pick the car up from the garage 3rd time lucky I hope or there will be WW3
Trawling the web looking for software to put our Maintenance contracts on but keep getting Fault Call system stuff, that's a secondary need
Listened to 80% of crankygeeks I like it! boy he is cranky. Too many GoDaddy adverts tho
A corridor! OMG you are a snob, we lived in the road. Every night our dad would come home, kill us, bring us back to life and kill us again
If Crankygeeks is cranky I might add them to my podcast list, should fit in well with my supposed personality :-)
WTF is our Government playing at? Northen Rock is to pay all staf a 10% bonus! They get loads of our Tax money and carry on as before! shame
Me and the dog have just eaten a nice plate of Chilli with, wait for it, a Yorkshire pudding on top! Yum
Busy sticking 2 Zillion filters in Tbird I like order, well I am a Virgo ;-)
Time for IRC
Is it just me or is scrolling on Facebook dire? Firefox is fine anywhere else
Rotflmao Sophos is offering us resellers an extra 20% margin on new business. That'll teach em for crapping on us. Losing renewals are we?
I'm buying a another Domain Name, I have a plan if it comes to nothing then its £20.00 down the drain
Hooray! Should close my famous 10 Laptop deal sometime this week
Doing telephone support from memory is like the blind leading the blind
And so starts another fun packed week, apparently its 'my job' to empty the bin! I must dig out the marriage license and check
@sil I'll see Barbie's £20 and raise you a Spangle and a lump of blue tack, I plan to turn the house into a rehab centre for abused Ants
Currently turning my mobile into a brick by using the Nokia updater "15 Minutes left" what the hell takes 15 minutes I ask ya?
@sil I take it they've gazumped my £19.00 offer?
mmm, Steak and Guiness pie for dinner
Back from walking the dog. Pure white breads and mud don't mix :-(
TaDa! Have gwibber working on KDE, course I had to install Gnome Boo
Hm, so if I opened an account using my openID how the hell do I get gwibber to work with
Thats strange, why is my real name being displayed? Dam now the bailiffs will find me
Trying to figure out some of the errors such as '404' in gwibber which works on the Gnome/openSUSE at work but not on KDE at home :-(

Have you no shame?

Just before Christmas I had a bit of a 'set-too' with one of our customers, he had purchased a laptop and wireless mouse to cut a long story short he started playing up about paying. This is par for the course in business if they can find a way to delay payment they will everything from "Ooh we've not seen the invoice" to "Its a rainy day and we only do payment runs when there is a full moon".

Now it turns out he owes us a measly £65 for when we fixed the wireless mouse on his workstation so first off he used the laptop as a reason why he could not pay, some cock-and-bull about not working properly. I explained that the one had nothing to do with the other so he then went on to moan about the workstation and that that also was running like a dog.

"But the invoice is for fixing your mouse! what has the PC running slow got to do with the mouse?" I said, he then tried the old chestnut of "Well if you don't want the business...." actua…