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The lines gone dead?

So I was running through a list of options for a mixture of eight laptops a very good customer of mine wanted.

Me: "So I've got this one but I think the price might be too tasty for for you. It's a 15.6" screen like you want, i7, 1TB drive............I want £950.00 for it."

Deathly silence.............................a full minute later

Me: "Are you there?"
Customer: "I was just picking myself off the floor, and at that price it's a long way to fall!"


I love the rapport I have with my customers.

Teaching the future.

For those of you who don't know, Monique is a school teacher for reception.

Lady Monique's class

Monique: "Now class, what did Mary ride on when she went to Bethlehem?"
4yrOld1: "On an elephant miss?"
Monique: "No, try again."
4yrOld2: "On a giraffe miss?"
Monique: "No, anyone else?"
4yrOld3: "On a lion miss?"
Monique: "No, think about riding."
4yrOld4: "On a monster miss?"

I love my daughters job.