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Oh that's clever


Colleague: "Quick everyone, come and look at this new virus!"
[Porn video playing on laptop]
Me: "And what if our receptionist walked in?

Is there no end?

Why you no listen?

" _Why you no listen?_ "

*Me:* "Hi can I have the Italian BMT please?"
*Subway_Girl:* "What would you like on it?"
*Me:* "Erm? Err? JalapeƱo peppers?"
*Subway_Girl:* "Don't you want any meat?"
*Me:* "Sorry, what do you mean?"
*Subway_Girl:* "What meat do you want on your sandwich?"
*Me:* "I want the Italian BMT, look that one up there on the menu board."
*Subway_Girl:* "Do you want cheese?"
*Me:* "Yes I would like cheese."
*Subway_Girl:* "Salad?"
*Me:* [crushed and crying] "Yes I would like salad."
*Subway_Girl:* "Sauce?"
*Me:* [Hanging from the hand rail] "No, no thank you just my sandwich."
*Subway_Girl:* "Would you like a drink?"
*Me:* [Calling through the floor boards] "No, no thank you I must get back to work"
*Subway_Girl:* "It's 9p cheaper if you have a drink"
*Me:* [Waving a white flag] "I'll have…