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It's dead!

One of 'the lads' spoke to a customer who's ancient PC had died and gone to PC power supply heaven. I quoted a replacement and we received the customers old machine earlier this morning. Having signed for it I took it to our workshop:

Me: "So here's that PC from XYZ, the new one is in the stock room."

I then watched in disbelief as he started to attach network cable, keyboard and mouse, power cable and then press the on button.

Engineer: "It's dead!"
Me: "I know? So should you? You spoke with the customer who said it was dead! That's why you asked me to quote a new one. Are you with us today or what?"
Engineer: "I hate you."


In a meeting.

Why on earth would you take time out of your business to visit us for two and a half hours then during that time inform us we lost a deal we'd quoted for yet continue to waffle on about nothing of any value?

This should work?

This was an email from an IT Manager to us earlier today.

Customer: "Do you have any idea how Sage Line 100 is installed on a new PC to access a central server installation? I have tried putting the shortcut from another computer with the full path to this machine, but it gives me missing DLL errors. It then says try reinstalling the program."

Because shortcuts are programs aren't they?