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You're minds not right!

Sometimes I'd just like to grab people by the arms and shake them violently and hope the stupidity in their statements falls out with a crash on the floor.

I'm currently refitting our kitchen at home and need to replace a draw unit we have, my local DIY store is currently running a sale with 40% off so its a pretty good time to be doing all of this. Anyway I popped in the other day to get a price on the replacement, now they still have some bases that come with 3 draws included these are priced at £33.00 (Sale price) however they had none in stock.

An assistant trundled up and I asked if they would have any more before the sale ended, "No sir they have been discontinued you have to buy the base and the draws separate now which is better actually"

Better? How? The base is £22.80 and the draws are £13.00 each! by my maths that makes the whole thing £61.80 yet the one they discontinued which includes the draws in the pack is £33.00

"Its less packs" said the assist…