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We're skint, or bad payers.

I received a telephone call out the blue from a company supposedly based in Buckinghamshire, at least that's what their website says.

Caller:"Hi, I got your details from your website, I understand you provide computers. Do you do parts as well?"

Me: "Yes we do."

Caller:"OK, I'll send you a list of our requirements, can you quote me please?"


An email arrived asking for some branded laptops, base units and CPU's which I duly quoted. A little while later I received an email back.

Caller-Email: "Thanks for the quote, I've spoken to our accounts department and your prices are acceptable. They have asked if this order could be on a 30 day credit account?"

Me-Email: "Sadly we will require full payment prior to order. This is because we have no trading history with each other. I'm confident once we have processed a few transactions with each other an 'invoice' relationship could be established."