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Stop Thief!

We have a small car park here at work which is behind the office one of the Engineers was loading his car up when some hooded scum bag came through the gates, up the side of the building, then looked around the car and promptly went to the drivers side and nicked the Engineers Sat-Nav!

We have it all on CCTV not that it will do any good, the efficient Police said they would come on Monday at 10.00am to look at the recording. Not bad really only four days after the event.

Of course there is no clear shot of thief's face they're too clever for that so I suppose 30 minutes later he was shoving the proceeds of his ill gotten gains into his arm or up what remains of his nostrils.

Help me do something I shouldn't

Yesterday I took a phone call from one of our customers I've had dealings with this lady for some time now she works part time as a general bod yet behaves as if she is a Director which is pretty funny seeing as a yet to be discovered pygmy in the deepest jungle would be more computer literate than she is!

Anyway it turns out she is trying to get at the contacts of a Co-Workers MS Outlook! She was using the pathetic excuse of "I need to get it backed up to my USB drive as all the information is on her PC" sounded fair enough at first but as the conversation progressed I started to have some suspicions, I asked if the Co-Worker backed up her PC to a server or some alternate backup device.

"Yes she backs up the contacts I think" I asked how that was done? Did she export them first then move them to a backup? "Oh, um, I don't really know" so had she asked was my next statement "Well no I haven't but I managed to get two files off her machine b…

Even I get it wrong

I'm a reseller of ESET Nod32 its pretty easy really someone asks for X amounts I pop the figure in an excel spreadsheet and back comes the price.

I've just quoted a 15 User for 2 Years when the customer emailed "Can you do anything on the price? We've looked at some Internet sites and can get it cheaper". Getting the hump as usual I mailed back asking if they could provide the URL so I could look into it, to my surprise they mailed back saying it was ESET's own site!

Now I'd quoted £444.40 however they had a price of £433.20 when I checked my price matrix I found they was right and I was wrong.

Mind you fancy moaning about £11.20 But yes even I get it wrong sometimes.

I cant FTP

So todays idiot rings in;
"Hi I look after xxxxx Ltd and xxxxx Ltd I can upload stuff via wsFTP to either of these sites but I cant upload to another one I look after".

OK whats this site then? After a bit of smoke screen dancing around its his personal site.
Now this is the fun bit by the way, he does web design which I presume he charges for and is at a mutual customers premises and wants to FTP some 'personal' stuff to his 'personal' website.

I asked him for the URL, User name and password. Using Filezilla I had a go myself sure enough Filezilla connected to the server and asked for the user name which was accepted then of course the password Oh dear "Access Denied".

Are you sure thats the right password? "Yes its what I have written down, oh hang on I think I might have changed the password I'll have to ring my hosting service as I cant remember what it is."

Well thats why you cant log in!

To put it into context this Moron was trying to m…

"If I'm honest I cant be bothered to learn"

How many support desk workers hear "I'm not computer literate" or "I don't know the correct term" or even "I know nothing about computers" yet there they are assuring their employers that they can do the job they are paid to do.

Its a bit like crashing your car and killing fifty two innocent people and standing before the judge and saying "Well the brakes may well have been worn out but I know nothing about cars".

I don't accept or believe these pathetic excuses what they are really saying is "Look I'm a lazy toe rag I pretend that my job is far too important for me to learn even the basics about the machine that I produce my work on and anyway why should I bother to learn when you peasants can sort it out for me?"

As an example I answered the phone today and got "Hi I cant access the purchase orders it says Access cannot open the file as it has either been converted to a newer version or it may be damaged" Now t…