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Currently running Dan from linuxoutlaws down on the IRC channel. Oh how we laughed.
My list of 'Need to fix this' is growing.!n810 video support !eeepc amsn & webcam and my Dads Winblows PC :-(
Back from my meeting, I hate leaving the safety of my office
!opensuse affected by Novell layoffs
Able to send to/via gmail from Thunderbird on desktop machine
Drinking some tea and getting ready to do todays flier
Love the fix for corrupted memory on the !n810 "Format it" mind you it worked :-)
Linux Haters latest post has me laughing my head off and I'm an !opensuse fanboy. Love the green line gag.
Excited, nearly home time.
My get up and go has got up and gone, roll on 5.00pm
Today I have the magic touch, every phone call is a Server enqiury. Nice
The function key on my !n810 has stopped working, is it hardware or software? This will be a pain :-(
Nice mild morning, decent sleep, still got a job for the minute, drinking tea, what more could a man want? :-)
Ask about syncing address books get told "Yes you can export you address book then import" Duh! thats not Sync
The receptionist has taken the large box of Jelly Snakes away, I hate her ;-)
Had a long sleep after yesterdays patheticone, woke @ 7.40am now feel like I have a hang over.
At work, really tired, getting up at 2.30am is a bad idea. Mind you its amazing how many people I know was still around too.
Maybe going to #EuroPython 2009 at Alex's request.
Hows that for service, bought a wiper blade at the Renault show room and they came outside and fitted it for free taking the old one away.
At work, a bit slow and cold "Turn the heating up!"
Chilling out with friends on IRC
Been up since 1.00am (UK Time) worrying about all the negative feedback, all I said was "Its advanced for me" now I don't even want to try
Eating a 'Sneaky Snacks' almond & jam flapjack
No #cms today, actually doing the job I'm paid to do instead :-(
The song at the end of !Linuxoutlaws (Roxanne using songbird) had me laughing so much I nearly wet myself and crashed the car
Arrgh I've just sent back by mistake the replacement base unit for the broken on I have! now I'll have to pay 2 lots of delivery Arrgghh!
Frustrating morning, going on #IRC for a break
Checking mail and Gwibber accounts, no death threats yet :-)
MODx as I said I like it, thanks for all the replies, perhaps all I need is some encouragement ;-)
@evan N810 group created :-)
Hm, MODx may be a little advanced for me, its nice but do I have the time? Or has Joomla made me lazy?
Huzzah! got my N810 to recognise my external USB via the female to female adapter
God I hate the InterWeb sometimes, hundreds of entries all saying they are the 'Box Office' @ 6p a min that's a nice profit
Currently on hold for the last 10 minutes trying to book tickets for the theatre
Installed MODx here at work on our WebServer so that I play with it from anywhere at any time.
Rain! Hooray, bye bye snow
The great god of gloom is riding his charger along the corridors of our offices today
MODx is actually very nice, IMO (Which is generally wrong) it looks like a cross between Joomla and Drupal
Oops Acer One URL
Wow! Acer One (Net Book) for £95.90 ex VAT @ PC World
Just installed Drupal, still not sure I like it, seems 'over fussy' to me
Listening to Linux Cranks through Amarok coz my ipod don't play .ogg
@dantheman Just finished Ep 75 What an awesome interview I hope it changed Fab's opinion re MS? Miguel and I sing from the same song sheet
Just paid for another years Web Hosting, no beer for me then :-(
Waiting for a cup of tea to be plonked on my desk
@Ade_B Have fun
Lesson #337 Don't leave Archlinux update on the Laptop so long next time and don't start it at 9:30pm either. 728MB!
1 sec
Right getting somewhere with phpMyAdmin can now log in. Database created now add the user then install EPESI
Huzzah got my account working with Gwibber
Getting ready to re-look at some open source CRM's namely Kumula and EPESI
phpMyAdmin what have you done? No root log in, groan, Tried some examples from Google, still no log in! Aaarrrgh!
Note to self: Doing stuff for the community is great but there will always be a miserable scrote to hack you off!
I want a refund, I've measured it and we don't have the 2" inches of snow as promised.
Eating crumpets with loads of butter and Marmite washed down with a cup a tea, how English is that?