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I can hear you

A call was put through by reception who assure me they heard "OK" said when they put the call through after explaining who was on the line.Colleague: "For fuck sake it's going to be a piss ant email problem I'm sick to death of dealing with this shit."Two second pause.Colleague: "I'm sorry John I apologies I was in the middle of something."Oops!

Long term planning

Customer: "Hi Pete I'm going on holiday, would it be possible to get my emails sent to the sales account?"
Me: "Sure."
Customer: "What about one of them I'm not here thingy's?"
Me: "You mean Out Of Office, sure not a problem. When do you go on holiday?"
Customer: "August."
Me: "But it's June?"
Customer: "Yeah I know but I'll forget."
Me: "So will I ring me nearer the time."Where did I put them postit notes?

When will it end?

Customer: "Hi we sold our site in Stourbridge in February can you tell me if we have any contracts still live for that site?"
Me: "What contracts did you have? I know I could find out but it would be quicker if you knew what they was."
Customer: "I have an invoice for ADSL for the period March to May."
Me: "Ah OK you have Broadband let me look. Um it looks like you have not canceled the ADSL?"
Customer: "But we sold the site over three months ago now."
Me: "Did you tell us?"
Customer: "Well that's why I'm ringing"
Me: "You'll have to send us an email as we need written confirmation."
Customer: "Will we still get charged?"
Me: "Yes."
Customer: "But why? We sold the site in February!"
Me: "But you didn't tell us."
I suppose we're not classed as an integral part of their company? It's a bit like moving house and not telling the postman then complaining you&#…