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Female Equality

Oh God, Oh God.

Felt really bad as I stood and watched our female IT Engineer apprentice drag a box with two PC's through the building into our workshop.

Apprentice: "I'm dragging it because I can't lift it."
Me: "Ah, ooh, ermm? Well thing is, that's part of the job and ermm?"
Apprentice: "It's OK, I don't mind."

Yeah but my conscience does! :-(


So we had to have a new cooker at home. It was delivered this morning at around 7:30am and took me a couple of minutes to wire it up.

Wife: "Hmm? The hob rings don't immediately glow red like the old one?"
Me: "But do they come on?
Wife: "Yes, just not instant like the old one."
Me: "Tell you what, I'll nip outside and drag the broken one back in shall I?"



Caller: "Can I speak to xyz please?"

short pause

Me: "I'm afraid I'm getting no answer from his extension, can I take a message?"
Caller: "It's OK, we can sort this out on-line."
Me: "Sorry?"
Caller: "We can sort this out over the Internet."
Me: "I'm afraid you've lost me, I don't understand what you are saying?"
Caller: "I can send him an email."