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Me: "I'm calling with regards your ESET Anti-Virus. I sent an email, it's due to expire in 13 days now."
Customer: "Yes it's come up amber, can you send us a quote?"
Me: "I have, that's what the email was about. Somebody read it as I was notified?"
Customer: "What email address did you send it to?"
Me: "Yours."
Customer: "Ah yes, as soon as I can get into my machine I'll sort it out."

If you read it why do you need a quote?

Nice try!

Yellow Smartie: "Pete did we do a flier last night?" (Which is code for why didn't we do....)
Me: "Because it was Tuesday"
Yellow Smartie: "What do you mean?"
Me: "Today is Wednesday, our flier is due out today."
Yellow Smartie: "Why did I think it was Tuesday today?"
Me: "Maybe because I was off Monday?"

You won't catch me out that way. :-)

My misses is hysterical!

So the wife was having problems with a co-worker last night and was talking in general about it to her manager.

Wife: "Does he have a problem with women?"
Manager: "Dunno, he has been married 40 years?"
Wife: "Ah that explains it."