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Is it in yet?

Colleague: "I'm trying to boot off the ROM drive can you see any activity back there?"
Me: "Nope"
Colleague: "I'm rebooting, anything now?"
Me: "Nope"
Colleague: "Hang on I had the USB plugged in the front before, lets try that. Any joy?"
Me: "Nope"
Colleague: "Oh, hang on, maybe I need to put the CD in?"
Me: #facepalm


Email #1 "What is the screen definition of the three laptops you are selling?"

Me: "What do you mean by 'definition'? the screen sizes are two @ 14.1" inches and one @ 15.6" inches."

Email #2 "Not size, definition like 1260x800!"

Me: "Oh you mean 'Resolution' here are the links to the spec sheets."

Email #3 "Precisely"

Aye? I knew I should have become a Gibbon trainer.

Let me guess.

Why do people ring without the most basic of information?

Customer: "Hi have you got an internal fan for a Dell Server?"
Me: "Tower or Rackmount?"
Customer: "Rackmount."
Me: "Which model?"
Customer: "Oh, I'll have to come back to you."

Back(up) to basics

Customer: "I haven't had an email to say that its failed but I don't think the server backed up. The tape was out the drive and I don't know if that was because nobody pushed it in or if it was ejected?"
Engineer: "Have you tried pushing the tape in to see what's on it?"
Customer: "Oh"

Welcome to Monday morning.

Gizza loan.

Customer: "Hi we bought a cheap laptop from you but it does not appear to have MS Office on it, do you by any chance have a copy of Office we can borrow?"


Translating Customers Comments.

"I'm a friend of xyz" = "I want it really cheap or better still for free because I know xyz."

"It says here delivery included, how much is the delivery?" = "I'll come and collect it and save myself the [Delivery cost]"

Free upgrades for life!

Me: "You need to make sure you are all running the same version of Office tbh."
Customer: "Yeah but I bet you have to pay for the upgrades?"

Am I really living an an alternate reality?

I just knew you'd say that.

Prospect: "I've had your email so we must be on your mailing list?" (No shit Sherlock!)
Me: "OK"
Prospect: "I'm interested in three of the Dell i5 machines, I see they are refurbished can you tell me the history of them and what has been done to them?"
Me: "I'm afraid not......................"

Most suppliers have between 20 - 20,000 units they come from all sorts of places and for all sorts of reasons. Some need new parts, some just need a clean and some are in pristine condition and need nothing doing to them. Basically I only trade in Grade A. The machines come into the supplier and are graded, tested and offered for sale with varying lengths of warranty. They don't have time to write a frigging Bio on every unit.

If you want a brand spanking new PC then "Pay the fooking price" if you don't want to pay full whack accept what you are buying then. 

Me: "So three units plus delivery plus VAT is £1285.00"

The whole Internet is very slow.

Customer: "Hi Pete, any chance you can look at our Internet for us? We could do with it being a bit faster!"
Me: "Hang on a moment while I just turn your dial up a couple of notches."

Happy New Year.