Don't box me in.

So we were asked to replace these 'birds nets' COMMS with a free standing cabinet and to tidy up all the cabling. The customer intended to remove all the rubbish and knock through the wall that the cardboard boxes are stacked against. (Sadly you cannot see the back wall in this photo)

Obviously we had to wait for the builders to come in and knock through the back wall and then make good before we could then start our side of the work. The Office Manager rang all excited "The builders have finish and it looks lovely, really clean and tidy. You can now come and do your part."

We arrived On-Site with the new cabinet, cables and routers to be presented with this!

Us: "Wait! What? You've boxed in the Cab's!"

Manager: "Looks good doesn't it?"

Us: "But how is anyone going to get to anything?"

Manager: " You can undo the screws."

Us: "Undo the screws?"

Manager: "Yes, there's eighteen of them."

Us: "You can't keep unscrewing the panel every-time you want access, and what about if there's an electrical fire?"

Manager: "Well there is air vents!"

Looks like the box is staying. This is what happens when people with little knowledge but a bit of power get involved in jobs outside of their skill set.


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