I see no danger?

Dear Nanette Newman
Please protect me from junior, inexperienced sales people.

PFY: "I think I may have infected my PC? I was talking to a bloke and I thought he was sending me an order so I opened the word attachment on the email but all that was there was a URL so I enabled editing so that I could click on the link and now I think I'm infected. Thing is, I also sent it to my colleague and he's opened it too."

Me: "So let me get this straight. You're sent an email with nothing on it with a .doc attachment. This doesn't concern you so you open the attachment which effectively is empty too and you are still unperturbed? Throwing complete caution to the wind you then effectively disable a security feature by enabling editing and click on the link in the .doc file and then, not content with that nightmare you send it to your colleague and get him to do everything you've done thereby infecting you both!"

PFY: "I know, I know."

Clearly you don't or should I say, in your desperation to get an order you've possibly cost your employer far more than the profit you were hoping to make.

PFY = Pimple Faced Youth


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