You're minds not right!

Sometimes I'd just like to grab people by the arms and shake them violently and hope the stupidity in their statements falls out with a crash on the floor.

I'm currently refitting our kitchen at home and need to replace a draw unit we have, my local DIY store is currently running a sale with 40% off so its a pretty good time to be doing all of this. Anyway I popped in the other day to get a price on the replacement, now they still have some bases that come with 3 draws included these are priced at £33.00 (Sale price) however they had none in stock.

An assistant trundled up and I asked if they would have any more before the sale ended, "No sir they have been discontinued you have to buy the base and the draws separate now which is better actually"

Better? How? The base is £22.80 and the draws are £13.00 each! by my maths that makes the whole thing £61.80 yet the one they discontinued which includes the draws in the pack is £33.00

"Its less packs" said the assistant, how is it less packs? Its more surely? the £33 one is one pack but the replacement is four packs? "No no its less" sorry I said you've lost me?

"See I've got one pile with the draws included and next to it a pile of bases and a pile of draws with that one discontinued its less packs" I had to use all my will power from beating him to death with a 4lb lump hammer located on the 'hardware' isle.

The cretin couldn't grasp that I didn't care about his space saving windfall all I cared about was the £28.80 extra I'd have to pay!

Along the same lines I had a fault call at work from a woman who sounded as if she was 87 and works at one of these health spa's "Hello there's something wrong with the computer I'm not sure if its the mouse or the program we use, if I click on the booking icon the wrong thing opens"
OK I said forget the program for a minute do you use any other applications like email or word for example? "No I don't think we do except we send the odd email"

I tried not to hurl the evilest of profanities down the phone at her but pointed out I'd said do you use email and she'd said "No" taking a deep breath I asked if the email and word ect worked OK "Yes we don't seem to have any problems with them its just the booking program" gritting my teath with the red rage of a bull surging across my forehead I said well the mouse is working fine so is the computer you have a problem with the application that was written for you you need to give the suppliers a call "Oh, do you have the number?" trying not to say No I don't you stupid old bag I didn't sell it you get it? it was a competitor get it? I spent five minutes tracking down the number for her.

If only people would take a mental breath, think about things, then answer or ask having thought things through I'd be a happier bunny.


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