Just browsing

Customer: "Hi I'm looking at the Dell GX260 for £155 on the list you emailed me"
Me: "OK how many are you looking for?"
Customer: "Just the one I want to use it for graphics design but I must have it tomorrow"
Me: "I'll need to phone the supplier to see if its available and if he can ship direct so you get it tomorrow"
Customer: "OK"

A short while later

Me: "Hi I'm afraid the GX260's have gone I can do an HP 7700 same spec same price or he has a lovely HP Quad core with 12 months on-site warranty for £385"
Customer: "That sounds nice"
Me: "You'll need to order before 3pm if you want it next day"
Customer: "Oh I'll order before then I need to make an order a.s.a.p. let me go and have a look"

I'm still waiting.


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