Help me do something I shouldn't

Yesterday I took a phone call from one of our customers I've had dealings with this lady for some time now she works part time as a general bod yet behaves as if she is a Director which is pretty funny seeing as a yet to be discovered pygmy in the deepest jungle would be more computer literate than she is!

Anyway it turns out she is trying to get at the contacts of a Co-Workers MS Outlook! She was using the pathetic excuse of "I need to get it backed up to my USB drive as all the information is on her PC" sounded fair enough at first but as the conversation progressed I started to have some suspicions, I asked if the Co-Worker backed up her PC to a server or some alternate backup device.

"Yes she backs up the contacts I think" I asked how that was done? Did she export them first then move them to a backup? "Oh, um, I don't really know" so had she asked was my next statement "Well no I haven't but I managed to get two files off her machine but I cant get the stuff into my Contacts Address book".

Ah now the penny drops, it has nothing to do with backups or data security she wants to poach the contacts for some reason and is so thick she has no idea how to Export then Import them so rings us hoping we would be dumb enough to tell her how to perform her dodgy escapade. The proof of which was when I said it was a service we would be happy to provide for a fee "Oh, um, I'm not sure, er, Ooh" I then suggested she speak to the Co-Worker about how she backs up. "Oh its OK I think I will leave it for now"

I was going to hit her stupid excuse for six by telling her that seeing as they have MS Exchange all the Emails & Contacts are backed up anyway but I must have been in a good mood and let her off with a cynical "Bye then".


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