I cant FTP

So todays idiot rings in;
"Hi I look after xxxxx Ltd and xxxxx Ltd I can upload stuff via wsFTP to either of these sites but I cant upload to another one I look after".

OK whats this site then? After a bit of smoke screen dancing around its his personal site.
Now this is the fun bit by the way, he does web design which I presume he charges for and is at a mutual customers premises and wants to FTP some 'personal' stuff to his 'personal' website.

I asked him for the URL, User name and password. Using Filezilla I had a go myself sure enough Filezilla connected to the server and asked for the user name which was accepted then of course the password Oh dear "Access Denied".

Are you sure thats the right password? "Yes its what I have written down, oh hang on I think I might have changed the password I'll have to ring my hosting service as I cant remember what it is."

Well thats why you cant log in!

To put it into context this Moron was trying to make out our service (What service I cant think of) was stopping him accessing his personal site which we do not host anyway, thereby making it our problem rather than his. More importantly if he cant even remember that he has changed his FTP password or even what it is what must that say for the quality of work he does on customers websites?


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