"If I'm honest I cant be bothered to learn"

How many support desk workers hear "I'm not computer literate" or "I don't know the correct term" or even "I know nothing about computers" yet there they are assuring their employers that they can do the job they are paid to do.

Its a bit like crashing your car and killing fifty two innocent people and standing before the judge and saying "Well the brakes may well have been worn out but I know nothing about cars".

I don't accept or believe these pathetic excuses what they are really saying is "Look I'm a lazy toe rag I pretend that my job is far too important for me to learn even the basics about the machine that I produce my work on and anyway why should I bother to learn when you peasants can sort it out for me?"

As an example I answered the phone today and got "Hi I cant access the purchase orders it says Access cannot open the file as it has either been converted to a newer version or it may be damaged" Now this seems pretty straight forward either somebody has converted it or its corrupted (As the error message said) we didn't write the database so its not our responsibility but then the moron said "I had to have my email looked at the other day as I couldn't access it (Note the word Access) it was after that the file wouldn't open anymore".

So what he is trying to say here is that by us messing around with MS Outlook that has some how made MS Access stop working which is a total cover story for "I'm way too lazy to try and track down the database creator and get this sorted and I'm hoping by telling you I'm not computer literate you'll take pity and sort this out for me for absolutely no money for you"

Unfortunately for him I'm made of sterner stuff.


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