You taking the P?

Me: "Have you come to a decision about the email hosting?"
Customer: "I'm waiting on xx to come back to me they do Websites as well"
Me: "OK but what about the email are they going to host that too?"
Customer: "Oh I didn't ask"
Me: "But when we spoke last week about the fact you was not currently paying us to host your email yet getting email hosting services you said thats why you was going to ring xx"
Customer: "Ah, well I'm hoping they will ring back today"
Me: "OK listen Jon I'll ring you Tuesday of next week shall I?"
Customer: "Well as you know I'm semi retired I wont be in until Wednesday and then I'm off to Florence for a week"
Me: "Well I need to get this resolved, you are in fact getting a service for free at the moment I'm sure if I asked you to start transporting stuff around the country without any payment you wouldn't be very happy?"
Customer: "Erm no not really I'll ring you as soon as I know"

So basically he is getting a service for *free* he thinks its OK to continue to get that for free while he finds an alternative supplier and just to add insult to injury while wiggling out of paying "I'm off to Florence for a week" and people say I have no shame!


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