Move on.

I'm pretty sure I've covered this type of thing before? People love excuses to get out of doing things, it's amazing the effort they'll put into fighting to uphold the reason no matter how painfully obvious it is that the excuse is pathetic. If only they'd put as much effort into actually doing the task set.

Telesales: "I cant get onto the Internet."
Me: "That's OK move on.
Telesales: "But I need to check an email address."
Me: "It's not important, move on to the next call."
Telesales: "But what if I need to check that address as well?"
Me: "Then leave that one as well and move on."
Telesales: "But there maybe more?"
Me: "Right, you have xxxx amount of calls you need to make, they're not being made while we are faffing about with Internet access and email issues. All you need to do is make a note of the company on your pad and go back to the record later or even tomorrow and fill in the email address, it's not a show stopper. I cant believe every call needs to be checked against a website, that's even if they have a site!"
Telesales: [muttering under breath] "Internet, check again, need the info for the records, cant get on."



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