Are you being served?

I have a customer who needs; 1 X Adobe Creative Suite. 10 X Office 2010 Business Edition. 1 X Corel Draw.

As usual we put a request in to our suppliers for some prices. Ever the efficient account manager at one of our suppliers they came back with; Adobe Creative Suite, OK no problem there? Office 2010 Student edition, What? And finally Coral Draw for Mac! Now your taking the piss?

Now this is not a 'one off' this sort of thing happens on a regular basis, now is this poor product training or just that the individual does not care so slaps any old thing on the the quote? This sort of thing causes a problem thats out of proportion to the requirement, what I mean is it causes a delay so getting back to my customer takes longer, we now have to make a repeat request this time pointing out their errors which on a 'bottom line' basis means we are already down on the deal having had to use more resources.

Get it right first time and we are all happy.


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