I'll give you a way out.

Prospect: "Hi, I'm interested in the 8470p you're offering. Do you sell to individuals?"

Me: "Certainly, however, I should remind you that those prices are EX VAT."

[Brief silence]

Prospect: "Umm? That's OK. Do we have an account with you?"

Me: "Sadly not. TBH even if you did it through the company you'd have to pay by debit or Baacs for the first few orders."

Prospect: "Hmm? Does it have USB 3.0?"

Me: "2.0 only I'm afraid."

Prospect: "Ah, now see, that could be a deal breaker."

Me: "Really? tell you what, why not go and have a think about it and ring me back?"

Prospect: "Yeah, I'll do that I think."

Let me just decode that for you.

Prospect: "Phwoah that looks cheap!"
Prospect: "Ooh maybe it's not as cheap as I thought?"
Prospect: "Maybe I can get work to pay the VAT?"
Prospect: "How do I get out of this?"
Prospect: "Brilliant he's let me off the hook."



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