Mind reader

I've been doing an email template for a flier a customer wants to send, I've been doing it for two days now.

Customer: "Its a bit big isn't it?"
Me: "What do you mean big? I'm using the images you gave me, they'll determine the overall size in a sense."
Customer: "I wasn't expecting it to be that size."
Me: "Right I can resize everything but that means starting all over."
Customer: "Can you make the font in the text box the same as the font on the images?"
Me: "What font is it?"
Customer: "I dunno I thought you would."
Me: "But they are your images, hang on let me rummage around in my trousers I'm sure I have a crystal ball down there!"
Customer: "Oh, erm, try Ariel"

Luckily I know the guy, Muppet.


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