Don't worry I'm good for it.

Prospect: "Hi Pete, I was given your details buy your customer xxyz, I was hoping you can do something similar to this?"

The link was to a well known electrical outlet in the UK offering a 24" screen and an incredible speck'd machine for the ridiculous sum of £499

Me: "I'm afraid there is no way I can match the prices of a multi-million pound organisation."

It then transpired that the machine was 'Home edition' which was no good for his domain set-up so I offered to quote him an alternative but forewarned him it was not going to be an "El Cheapo" price. I quoted him a really nice open boxed Dell with a 21" monitor and surprisingly only a couple of hundred more that the sale item he asked me about.

Prospect: "Does the monitor have speakers?"
Me: "Sadly not but I can do some reasonable ones for £6.00"
Prospect: "How about I don't have the keyboard and mouse and you give me the speakers?"
Me: "It comes with a keyboard and mouse."
Prospect: "Can I have 30 days credit?"

So I'll just decode all of that for you dear reader.

Hi, you don't know me from Adam but I've seen this cheap machine because I want to spend as little as possible. I have no idea of the machines suitability all I saw was the cheap price. As you deduced earlier I don't even want to spend a penny if I can help it so I've had a brilliant idea, coz I'm clever like that, you keep the keyboard and mouse and give me the speakers coz £6.00 is a hell of a lot of money isn't it? Oh and given you've never heard of me before, know nothing about me or my business can you give me 30 days credit which I might consider paying after 60 days and a lot of phones calls asking for payment?

Happy 2015


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