Have you no shame?

Just before Christmas I had a bit of a 'set-too' with one of our customers, he had purchased a laptop and wireless mouse to cut a long story short he started playing up about paying. This is par for the course in business if they can find a way to delay payment they will everything from "Ooh we've not seen the invoice" to "Its a rainy day and we only do payment runs when there is a full moon".

Now it turns out he owes us a measly £65 for when we fixed the wireless mouse on his workstation so first off he used the laptop as a reason why he could not pay, some cock-and-bull about not working properly. I explained that the one had nothing to do with the other so he then went on to moan about the workstation and that that also was running like a dog.

"But the invoice is for fixing your mouse! what has the PC running slow got to do with the mouse?" I said, he then tried the old chestnut of "Well if you don't want the business...." actually mate no I don't.

Blow me I come back from the Christmas break to find out he rang our emergency number on Christmas day to get his PC at home fixed! On Christmas day! Even had the cheek to say "I know we owe you some money but..."

My boss told him to bring it in when we was back to work, I know what I'd have said if I'd spoken to him.


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