Ah yes but

Me: "Hi there XXX I'm ringing about the £800 labor costs outstanding for 5 months now"
Customer: "Well I thought all those costs was covered under warranty"
Me: "No, Warranty covers the hardware not the labour"
Customer: "Well I didn't know it was a refurbished Server"
Me: "Oh come on XXX not only did you know but in fact you are on your 3rd replacement server which we have not charged you a penny for!"
Customer: "Well what about the backups?"
Me: "What about them?"
Customer: "They're not being done"
Me: "I don't understand what do you mean they are not being done?"
Customer: "Nobody has done a backup"
Me: "Erm thats your responsibility you need to do it"
Customer: "Well what about the BroadBand?"
Me: "What about it?"
Customer: "I thought the price was for everything"
Me: "We seem to be getting nowhere, at the end of the day the outstanding invoice is for labour, hours spent doing work on your server there is no connection with the issues you've raised"
Customer: "Well to be honest I'm thinking of taking my business elsewhere"
Me: "Well I am truly sorry to hear that however there is still the matter of the outstanding invoice"
Customer: "I need to think this over I will ring you tomorrow"

So 5 months is not long enough to "Think it over" then? Basically he does not want to pay and will use any excuse including the current volcano eruption as to why he should not clear this invoice. Thing is it it really worth going through the small claims court?


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