Pass the parcel

Me: "There is a fault call at xxxx they cant get on the O: drive and xxxx cant send emails".
Engineer: "xxx was dealing with that he should be back soon".
Me: "No he won't I have already given him three additional jobs so I doubt he will be back till late so you will have to deal with it"
Engineer: "Their Broad Band is down".
Me: "That'll do it, have we rung them?"
Engineer: "No not yet".
Me: "Well lets ring them then"
Engineer: "Oh Their Broad Band isn't down its the server thats down".
Me: "That's why they cant get on the O: drive then, here's a thought ring them and get them to reboot!"

So initially it was a case of "How the hell can I get out of doing this?" with this in mind a slap dash approach was instigated.


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