Currys Electrical Fail.

Way to go Currys Wolverhampton!
My daughter called in there yesterday to inquire about the iPad Air for her mum.

Monique: "Excuse me, when will you be having the new iPad in?"
Assistant "There is no new iPad!"
Monique: "Yes there is, it was just on the radio that they have been released?"
Assistant "Look, we are the biggest sellers of computer stuff, we get everything first and I'm telling you you're wrong!"
Monique: "Excuse me, can I speak with a manager please?"
Assistant "I don't see what good that will do you he'll say the same as me."

Apparently the manager was close by and in fact heard some of the conversation.

Manager: "Can I help you miss?"
Monique: "Yes, your assistant says there is no new iPad air?"
Manager: "Yes there is miss."
Assistant: "Since when?"
Manager: "Have you not read the information in the staff room? That's why it's there."
Monique:: "So you basically called me a liar, insulted me, and all on the shop floor for everyone to hear?"
Assistant: "Well....."
Manager: "I am ever so sorry.........."
Monique: "I work for a well known retail outlet and we would never allow that behavior in our stores, and that is why I will now buy it from somewhere else."

That lad is lucky I wasn't there or he would have been in the office quicker than his feet could touch the ground.


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