They don't come out?

Customer: "Is it possible to swap the battery on this HP 8440p?"
Me: "For what?"
Customer: "No, can you take the battery out? I was in Currys looking at laptops the other day but they was no good as you couldn't remove the batteries."
Me: "You don't think that was deliberate to stop people pinching them do you?"
Customer: "Oh!"

Sheesh give me strength!


aptanet said…
I have to admit I'm with the customer on this one. I'm not a fan of the trend of non-replaceable batteries in devices - notably tablets, phones and ereaders, but increasingly I believe in laptops too (Apple I'm looking at you). I've not looked into it for a while, and it may be that these days replacing the battery in a laptop is a case of taking it apart, but I've always had a couple of batteries for my laptops and netbooks. Maybe I just keep them too long!

PS. Your captcha trashed the first version of this, hopefully it won't do it again!

PPS. Third time lucky - since I copied the text and don't have to retype it!
Peter Cannon said…
He may well have been talking about a Sub notebook? I've seen the ASUS has an internal only battery.

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