You're an idiot!

The supplier

Supplier: "Hey Pete, I came in at 7:00am to get your five laptops out. I have just finished (9:05am) and was getting ready to box them up and realised you wanted 32bit!"
Me: "You're an idiot, you've wasted the morning. Best bet, re-install, clone it, and image the others."
Supplier: "Yeah."

The Engineer

Engineer: "Pete, all four of the machines have installed fine but SAGE refuses to install on the fifth one. I've tried it from USB, an external drive, I even replaced the ROM drive! I dunno what we are going to do?"
Me: "You're an idiot, all five machines are the same hardware aren't they? So clone one of the four and then put that image on the fifth!"
Engineer: "Oh yeah."

I am surrounded by amateurs!


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