I can't help myself.

Mrs Miggins: "Hello Peter, last week you put an out of office on Zebadee's email and a customer sent us a quote but he sent it to Zebadee. Could you forward it to me please?"
Me: "Ermm? Can't you just ask the customer to send it to you?"
Mrs Miggins: "He's not in his office."
Me: "Can't you look on Zebadee's machine?"
Mrs Miggins: "We don't know the password."
Me: "What time was the email sent?"
Mrs Miggins: "Oh, I'm not sure? It was Monday."
Me: "But today is Friday!"

Cut a long story short, I was given totally the wrong email address and the wrong day as well! Plus they only have a maintenance contract. Would you ring BT to get an email you wanted?


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