Flower Power.

The misses has bought some artificial flowers, they were sat on the kitchen windowsill last night when I came home. They're Ok, mind you what would I know about flowers anyway? I wasn't convinced they looked right where they were but after many years I have learnt to keep quiet on such matters.

Wife: "Bubb, do these look OK on the telephone table?"
Me: "TBH I wasn't convinced they looked right on the windowsill anyway."
Wife: "So they're alright there then?"
Me: "Thing is, I liked the glass vase one that was on the telephone table."
Wife: "So you don't like it there?"
Me: "Tell you what leave it a day or so and see how we feel."
Wife: "I'll put it back in the kitchen."
Me: "OK if you like."
Wife: "You're so annoying! You moan you never get to choose stuff in the house and when I ask you about something you can't make your mind up!"
Me: "Ermm? I did say leave it a day or so?"
Wife: "I'm putting them back in the kitchen."

Keep quiet on such matters. :-D


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