Cling on rather than accept defeat

Customer: "We bought a printer from you in May 2009 and its using ink every two weeks!"
Me: "Wow are you doing a lot of printing or is there ink all over the bottom of the machine or is the cartridge in fact not empty but the printer says it is?"
Customer: "No, none of those, we bought the cartridges from Viking supplies they replaced it when we said it only lasted two weeks"
Me: "Looking at the serial number I think you might have the wrong cartridge you can go back to viking and ask them to replace the cartridge again but I suspect they will want you to buy it"
Customer: "Is there nothing you can do seeing as we bought it from you?"
Me: "You bought it 15 months ago! Its just an inkjet printer, throw it in the bin and I'll sort you out a new one"
Customer: "I think I'll give Viking a ring"

And British business wonders why we cant compete against other countries?


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