You gotta watch em!

So my heating packed up at home the other day, most people said "It's the Diverter." so I popped along to a plumbing outlet to see what price they charged as I wasn't paying the £119 Honeywell want for theirs. Now fair play to the guy in the shop, he wanted £30 something for theirs but said that I really should get someone out to look at the system as it could be anything.

Just outside the airing cupboard on the landing.

Heating man: "Yeah, it's your diverter, it needs replacing."
Me: "How much will that cost?"
Heating man: "Well they're £100 for starters."
Me: "Na, I can get a diverter for £30 from the plumbing place!"
Heating man: "Well OK you get the part, it'll be £80 to fit it."
Me: "OK"

A plumbers outlet on a cold grey misty morning.

Me: "Hi I came in the other day about a Diverter, I was given a price of thirty odd quid."
Assistant: "I dunno who told you that but they're £52 plus VAT"
Me: "Na, that guy over there said they was in the sale for £30."
Assistant: "Just one moment."
2 minutes later.
Assistant: "Ah it's our own make, they are in the sale £31 + VAT
Me: "Lucky I said then wasn't it?"

So that's roughly £108.00 I saved by getting my own prices and questioning!


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