Sale of goods act.

I do so love these people who spout "Consumer rights at you" and yet have no clue whatsoever that they're talking out their derrière.

Just had some moron rant at me that;

Moron: "By law all new goods must come with 1 years warranty!"
Me: "How many are you looking for?"
Moron: "None! I'm just telling you you're breaking the law by giving 3 months warranty!"
Me: "Lucky they are refurbished goods then?"
Moron: "What? Aye? Erm?"

Clearly he had not read the email properly or he would have noticed the range of warranties from three, six to twelve months. And the clear wording "Refurbished" on those that were, but what is even more interesting is this person is such a sad sack that they waste theirs and my time to score some sort of personal success by finding something which actually does not exist.

I suspect he's a Guardian reader? :-)


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