You can't make this stuff up!

Office bod: "Ello mate, is xyz there?"
Me: "I'm afraid he left the office about fifteen minutes ago."
Office bod: "Well he sent me an email for a second twin monitor. Thing is I want one the same size as Eric"
Me: "And what size does Eric have?"
Office bod: "A big one."
Me: "A big one? Can you be more specific, what size is it?"
Office bod: "Umm? 58 inch is it?"
Me: "I have no idea, measure it diagonally from corner to corner."
Office bod: "700mil"
Me: [Deep sigh] "So 28" Inch then?"
Office bod: "Yeah, suppose so."
Me: "What size is the monitor you currently have?"
Office bod: "19" inch"
Me: "So do you want two 28" inch or just one 19" inch as they usually are the same size?"
Office bod: "I suppose the 19" inch"
Me: "So what size is the one xyz quoted?"
Office bod: "Dunno, I just have an email saying xyz is coming over to fit the new monitor."
Me: "Hang on! xyz went out with a monitor and a USB dual display adapter?"
Office bod: "Maybe he's coming here then, lets hope it's a 19" inch"



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