Four coaches.

I am living proof of those people who say "You know if I wrote a book about it nobody would believe it!"

So I went to visit my daddy today in Birmingham QE hospital. I caught the train to Birmingham and had to change for University station. I spied a guy in blue offering platform information at Birmingham and made my way towards him. Mr Blue coat (I have no idea what they're called?) was just about to help a very smartly dressed guy who looked to be in his early twenties.

Passenger: "Can you tell me where to go for the 13.20 to blah blah blah?" (I forget where now)
Mr Blue: "Platform 7 sir."
Passenger: "Platform 7? You sure?"
Mr Blue: "Yes sir, platform 7"
Passenger: "It says four coaches?"
Mr Blue: "That's right sir."
Passenger: "So there's no tracks at platform 7 then?"
Mr Blue: "I'm Sorry?"
Passenger: "I've never heard of coaches stopping at platforms before?"
Mr Blue: "The train is made up of four coaches sir."

Me and Mr Blue pissed ourselves silly once he was out of reasonable earshot.


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