I want it but I can't afford it.

So I run an 'Opt-In' mailing list predominately of refurbished PC's and Laptops. All the prices are excluding delivery and are Ex VAT. I had this begging email when I got in this morning.

I regularly get your email updates, but all of the available machines are more expensive than I want to pay.
I currently have a Compaq Pressario running XP, however it is extremely slow. I need an XP machine as I cannot afford to upgrade all of the software on the one I have. I also have a Dell laptop running Windows 7 (64 bit).

This is the specification for my Compaq:

Compaq  Presario 6207EA
Microsoft® Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3
Celeron CPU 1.70 GHz
1.49GB RAM
Maxtor 2F040J0 Hard Drive 40 GB
Samsung SP0812N Hard Drive 80 GB (Secondary Drive)
Floppy Drive

I know that the deal on your update below is a good one, and I could load XP instead of 7, but it is still quite a way above my budget.

Could you let me know if you have refurbished machines that will perform quicker than my Compaq, and if so, how much are they.

Many thanks

Not only has this guy got a very large doorstop but as he points out three times that he has no money and that even the £169.00 PC I was offering was out of his price range! Which begs the question "Why are you asking?"

Oh and also the good advice I sent him to look at freecyle.org was wasted as his hotmail account has a problem and is not accepting mail!


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