In at the deep end.

Please. I've been effectively doing sales for 35 years now. Don't put people on phones who;

  1. Cannot think on their feet.
  2. Have no idea what they're selling!
Caller: "Hello there, I understand you deal with apprenticeships?
Me: "Yes"
Caller: "We supply office apprentices."
Me: "OK, I am actually looking for an IT Support Engineer at the minute.)
Caller: "It's Office staff we deal with."
Me: "Well they are office based although they do go out to customers sites."
Caller: "Don't you have anything in admin?"
Me: "Hmm? OK, so I might be looking for a Digital Media/ Marketing apprentice in a month or so."
Caller: "Is that office based?"
Me: "You have no idea of roles do you?"
Caller: "Well we are more Office admin."
Me: "With the greatest respect you keep saying that but tell me what are the roles that fall into the category of 'office based'?"
Caller: "Oh, erm, ooh. Admin?"
Me: "I suspect we are not going to be able to go any further with this. Thanks for the call."


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