Reboot is your friend.

User: "My PC has a black screen and says  something about an issue and I need to log on to the domain. It's been complaining on the banking site, something about updating Silverlight."

Me: "OK, when did you last update?"

User: "Update? I back up every..."

Me: "No update, Windows update, Microsoft update."

User: "Oh I never do that, Sarah looks after things like that on her machine but she's not here."

Me: "What? Her machine? Never mind. Hold the power button in for me until the PC goes off."

User: "Do you mean the button I push to make it come on?"

Me: [While stabbing my upper thigh with a fountain pen] "Yes"

Windows startup sound

Me: "Ah, it's starting I can hear"

User: "Well I got this far before, it's taking ages"

Login Prompt sound

Me: "Well there's the login, that was pretty quick imo. Put your password in."

Sound of login

User: "Well that's working now! What was wrong?"

Me: [Resisting the urge to say PEBAK] "No idea, goodbye."


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