Take more Indians

Remain-er: "Ha! See, see, so much for your Brexit! Theresa May goes to India to try and get some trade and the Indians demand the UK accept more people. So much for taking control of the borders and getting rid of immigrants."

Me: "Umm? Firstly, nobody said anything about totally stopping immigration. What the LEAVE campaign said was we should have control of our borders and therefore control over who comes in rather than the EU telling us who and how many we should take. Secondly India is talking about FEE PAYING students coming over to study with the proviso that they will be entitled to work in the UK for up to three years after they get their Degree etc. This would be in exchange for access to Indian markets such as the Insurance sector that is worth billions! Currently this is a closed sector to anyone outside of India so it would be a massive coup if we could tap into that and 10 or 20 thousand students who will pay to be here is a small price to pay."

Remain-er: "But they'll still be in effect immigrants enjoying the same stuff as UK residents."

Me: "Umm? No, as foreign nationals they' have to pay for any NHS treatment and they will not be entitled to any welfare payments. I am however willing to concede that once in the country if they choose to seek political asylum for instance then the welfare system does kick in for them but on the whole those individuals will probably be weeded out in a strong vetting system and so would not come here in the first place."

Remain-er: "Huh! we'll see when nobody wants to trade with us."

Me: "LOL"


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