Less is more

A couple of my colleagues went on a sales visit yesterday the customer is starting a new business and wants a Server, some workstations, networking etc, the usual stuff so one of our guys habitually does what I call 'The Chinese menu' type of selling.

No matter if its and email, quote or sales pitch he just cant help himself and reels off every conceivable service and product we offer now you and I both know the reason why? Its called "Desperation" its a desperation to sell something anything! Problem is your Prospect (Customer) will see that too.

Anyway having spent something like 30 minutes bombarding the poor guy with everything from a keyboard and mouse to a data farm they settle down to actually talking about what the prospect wants when Chinese menu man says;

Menu Man: "So you will be looking for a secretary then will you?"
Prospect: "Why? Do you do those as well!"


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